The Doctors on Erin Street Reception

Patient Information Sheet

Opening Hours 

Mon, Wed, Fri                    Reception                               7.45am – 5.00pm

Tuesday                                 Reception                               7.45am – 6.00pm

Thursday                               Reception                               7.45am – 5.30pm

Saturday                                Reception                               8.45am – 11.30am



General Practitioners –                             

Dr. John Heinrich

Dr. Maurice Gunhouse

Dr. John Jasinski

Dr. Erica Siah

Dr. Laurie Chow

Practice Manager –                                     

Sherrie Zell

Nursing –                                                      

Meg Menhinnitt

Sue Murphy

Ann Kennedy

Emma Nutley

Diabetes Educator –                                   

Ann Kennedy

Reception –                                                  

Theresa Napier

                                                                        Tanya Mackinlay

                                                                        Jackson Wendt

                                                                        Shirsty Arnold

                                                                        Shae McLellan

Dr. Gunhouse and Dr. Heinrich have been with the Practice since the middle of 2013. Dr. Heinrich has a special interest in Skin and Muscoskeletal Health. Dr. Gunhouse’s medical interests include Paediatric, Family Medicine and Men’s Health. Dr. Jasinski, Dr Siah and Dr Chow joined the practice in January 2017.


For routine appointments please phone the practice during reception hours. Inform our staff should you require longer than a standard 10 minute appointment. If there are any further details regarding your appointment that you feel may be helpful, please also advise the staff. This will ensure appointments flow smoothly with less waiting time for our patients. However, if you prefer not to discuss the reason for your appointment, just let our staff know.


Standard appointments can now be booked on line. Please head to our website at or


Should you require an urgent appointment, we will always endeavour to accommodate your needs immediately, however this will generally mean that you will be slotted in between other routine appointments. Please be considerate of these patients that are waiting and limit the consultation to the acute problem.

It may be in your best interests for emergency situations to attend either St Vincent’s Emergency Centre or Toowoomba Hospital Emergency Centre.

For severe trauma, suspected heart attacks, or serious breathing problems we recommend that you call “000” for ambulance transportation to an Emergency Centre.


Unforeseen circumstances and emergencies may mean that waiting times are lengthy on some days. You can assist us in reducing waiting times by:-

  1. Arriving on time for your appointment and if unable to do so, advising staff of your arrival time
  2. Being considerate of others when you are allocated a “fit-in” appointment and limit the consultation to the acute problem
  3. Only telephone to speak to the Doctor if it is really necessary and let the receptionist know whether it is an urgent or routine matter. In most cases the doctor will return your call on the same day. Less interruptions for the doctor usually will mean less waiting time. On most occasions the registered nurse will be able to assist you.
  4. It is a good idea to telephone the surgery just before your appointment time to see how the doctor is running if you do not wish to wait.


House calls are provided for the very frail or those patients who are too sick to attend the surgery. This particularly applies to terminally ill cancer patients or stroke victims. Unfortunately house calls can usually only be done out of hours as they are time consuming and cause delays during surgery hours. Alternative arrangements for extreme emergencies will be made in hours, such as Ambulance transport to the surgery or to hospital.

House calls will be privately billed, with an out of pocket expense.


Should you require private hospital admittance, your doctor will organise this for you. You will either remain under his care while in hospital, or should your condition require specialist treatment this will be arranged.

We are registered for the “No Gaps” Scheme with most Private Health Funds and that means there will be no out of pocket expenses and accounts will be sent directly to your health fund for payment. It is recommended that you check with your Health Fund prior to hospital admission for eligibility.


We offer nursing home patient care at some nursing homes in Toowoomba. Please check with your doctor whether he is able to continue caring for you should you decide to go into a nursing home.


Should you require non-urgent medical attention out of hours, please phone the surgery and a recorded message will inform you of the doctor on call and contact details. All after hours appointments and house calls, including Saturday morning appointments will incur an out of pocket expense.


The fee for a Standard Private Consultation is $75.00. For children under 16 and patients with a pension or health care concession all visits will be bulk billed. Information regarding fees and longer visits or procedures can be obtained from the receptionist.


It is the policy of this practice that requests for prescriptions and specialist referrals will require a doctor’s appointment in most cases. Of course we realise that this is not always possible for out of town patients, and for these patients, provided that the patient has been recently seen by the doctor (usually within 7 days), we will consider providing prescriptions outside of consultation. It is a policy of this practice not to issue prescriptions for opioids to new patients at their first consultation.


Patients with chronic illness may be eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan. Please discuss this with your doctor.

Management plans are also available for mental illness. Your doctor will advise if you are eligible for a mental health treatment plan.


With the construction of our new premises the Ambulance bay & disabled parking areas are currently unavailable onsite. There is a space at the front of the new building on Erin Street where patients who require assistance with a wheelchair/walker/crutches etc. can be dropped off – staff can assist you upon request.


From time to time this practice invites patients to complete a questionnaire on their views of the practice and how it could be improved. These surveys are completely confidential and help us improve our services.


We will telephone to notify you of your results, however it may not always be possible to contact you during surgery hours. If we have not notified your results within one week, please contact the surgery. The doctor may ask that you organise a follow up appointment to discuss your results.


We encourage our patients to participate in decisions about their healthcare and your doctor will discuss management options that are available to you.


Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.

Should you wish the doctor or staff to release or discuss medical information/results with another party (i.e. family members) we will require an authorisation form signed by you.


This practice strives to provide the best possible service to patients. However if you are not happy with the service you have received, we would like to discuss this with you. This is best arranged in person, however if you are unavailable to attend, please telephone the surgery. If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint through a third party, please call the “Office of the Health Ombudsman” on 133 646. The postal address is PO Box 13281 George Street, Brisbane 4003 or email:


Should you have a query or wish to leave a message for your doctor, please contact the surgery either by phone or fax. The message will be passed on to your doctor and in most cases your phone call or fax will be addressed by the end of the day. Please notify the receptionist if the reason for your call is urgent and we will address your concerns promptly. We do not encourage emails of a medical nature due to security and privacy issues.